Whole-Sum Therapies is located in Orlando, Florida. We provide speech, occupational, and physical therapies in a variety of settings, including our outpatient clinic, schools, daycare centers, and, if warranted, in the home.  Our goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients.

Whole-Sum Therapies is committed to excellence in providing therapy and related services to our patients, caregivers, clients, and their support staff, to advocate and advance the needs of those we serve, promoting dignity, independence, and health, in an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, treating the whole patient in a respectful environment.  Families and caregivers are an integral part of therapy and are included in the treatment process.  Education, home carry-over support and collaboration between therapies provide an optimum level of treatment.   Whether one therapy or a combination of services are needed, we strive to help each individual reach their full potential.




Offering Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy Services

                                                                               Our Services Include:

· Language Development                                                                                  

· Articulation

· Bilingual Speech Services (English / Espaņol)

· Sensory Integration

· Gross Motor Development

· Fine Motor Development

· Oral Motor Therapy

· Swallowing Disorders

· Auditory Processing Disorder

· Developmental Delay

· Augmentative Communication

· Neurological Disorders

· Stroke/Head Injury

· Learning Disabilities

· Sign Language

· Hearing Impaired

· Autism-related speech and language treatment

· Physical Management Training

· Wheelchair Assessment

· Pet Assisted Therapy

Job Opening:

Whole-Sum Therapies is seeking a

Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist.

Please send resumes to